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Gays Without Bordersに、5月17日のエントリでスラヴィック・プライド主催者たちのメッセージが載っている。

Slavic Gay Pride, Thanks and Add On – Message From Nikolai Alekseev, Nikolai Baev, Ira Fet and Vlad Ortanov - Gays Without Borders





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We wanted to thank the 50 people who made a protest in Berlin at the Russian Embassy today. Also, to the activists of Tapages who in Strasbourg organized a die-in at the Russian Consulate in the afternoon.


また、日曜日の朝、ドイツから、まだ拘留されていたプライド主催者たちのためにモスクワ外交的行動を取るよう外務省に要求してくれたドイツ国会議員Volker Beck氏に感謝します。

We also want to thank German MP Volker beck who managed from Germany to ask his Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a diplomatic action in Moscow early sunday morning with the names of the organizers still detained.



We are extremely disspointed that the EU Embassies (UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland) which had been invited by the organizers to monitor the events on the spot, concluded that despite witnessing the action, they did not find any ground to make a diplomatic actions. It shows that it is easier to act for the EU Embassies in smaller countries such as Latvia where several EU Embassies brought support but when it turns to be in Russia, things are different.



We will raise this point with the EU Commission shortly as well as the denial by the Belarusian Embassy to grant any assistance to the Belarusian activists on the motives that they were taking part in the Slavic gay pride.



The UK representative gave consular assistance to Peter Tatchell very fast after he was arrested while the US Embassy did not go to meet Andy Thayer and was actually not planing to do it before monday morning.



Most of all, we want to thank all the medias and journalists who made the 4th Moscow Pride moe covered than its first violent edition in 2006. If the participants of the Eurovision clearly put the human rights in their pockets after they landed in Moscow, the journalist mentioned our struggle in all the articles about the Eurovision.



A bit disapointed by the Dutch Gay Contestant, Gordon, who told us that he will be in the pride and who said at a press conference on thursday that he finaly decided not to take part in the pride because the organizers told him not to join. This is actually a lie as we have never be in direct contact with him. We are a bit disapointed to see that this singer used the Slavic pride for his own PR.


最後に、欧州議会Council of Europeの議長国スロヴェニアが昨夜発表した声明を喜んで受けいれます。少なくとも一度行われたスロヴェニアの意思表明は、明瞭で強いメッセージでした。我々がこの一ヶ月に亘ってCoEにかけた圧力が、功を奏しはじめたものと思われます。

Lastly, we welcome the statement from the Slovenian Presidency of the CoE which was released last night which at least once, his expressing a clear and strong message. It seems that the pressure we put on this institution over the last months started to work.



See you next year in Minsk for the second edition of the Slavic Gay Pride (middle of May, date to be confirmed) in Belarus and in Moscow on May 29th 2010 for the 5th Moscow Pride.


Nikolai Alekseev

Nikolai Baev

Ira Fet

Vlad Ortanov